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Maintenance is key to the performance and efficiency of a gas or pellet fireplace.  Our service calls include a complete check of your fireplace's components and safety features to ensure proper operation.  


We clean everything you can see as well as everything you cannot.  A thorough service and cleaning of your gas or pellet fireplace is recommended annually.


We specialize in Gas Fireplace and Pellet Stove repair.  Whether it is propane, natural gas, pellet wood, a  fireplace, insert or freestanding stove we repair all brands and models.  We carry most common parts on our trucks and strive to get your gas fireplace up and running same day.  If we do not have the parts on hand we will not charge you a return fee once we receive the parts from the manufacturer.



Our staff professionally installs every Gas or Pellet fireplace to current building code specifications.  We only use top of the line products that are proven throughout the industry for top quality and performance.  Every installation starts with a site survey and inspection at your home.  We will show you what options you have to install in your home and will give recommendations based on your goals.  We go to great lengths to ensure your comfort and safety in the home with your new gas or pellet appliance. 


If you are purchasing or selling your home, an inspection of your fireplace, insert or stove should be associated with the sale.  Most home inspectors will not be able to deem a gas or pellet appliance as safe for use during their home inspection.  Inspections cover not only whether or not the appliance actually works properly but also safety and code issues.  

Service Pricing:

Gas Fireplace Service & Repair -   starting at $250

  -2nd Gas Fireplace Service & Repair in same home - $150.00 each additional unit

Pellet Stove or Insert Service & Repair - $275.00

  -2nd Pellet Stove or Insert Service & Repair - $175.00 each additional unit

Gas or Pellet Stove Installation - Call for pricing * Varies on job*

Gas or Pellet Stove Installation Estimates - FREE!!


We are only a phone call away

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